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The Appeal of a Brand-New Home is Hard to Resist
October 14, 2022 in Latest News

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties Blog - Thinking of buying a new home rather than an existing one? Owning a brand-new residence is still the goal of many buyers in Southern California and beyond. The lure of all-new construction, untouched appliances, and even a clean driveway can prove irresistible.

Fortunately, new homes are being built throughout the region, despite rising mortgage rates and updated zoning rules. If you have your heart set on owning one, two of our New Home Specialists are sharing some advice that can help make your dream a reality. They also share their thoughts on what’s trending in the new-homes market.

New homes still selling well
“In this changing real estate markets, new homes and multi-home developments are selling better than resale,” said Markus Canter, New Homes Director and Luxury Director for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties. “Whether it’s a first-time buyer or a buyer looking to downsize, both would prefer either a new home or a ‘turnkey remodeled’ home due to rising material and labor costs,” said Markus, based in our Beverly Hills office....

...Buyers want lots of usable outdoor spaces
Markus and Chantal agree that in Southern California, new-home buyers are excited to have plenty of usable outdoor spaces, such as kitchens, that elevate their day-to-day living experience. Native landscaping for less maintenance and water-efficiency make outside time more enjoyable.

To satisfy buyer demand, new-home builders are placing an emphasis on sustainable, green construction materials and energy-efficient amenities such as windows, Markus noted. Solar panels, which are required on all new homes built in California, are also greatly appreciated by homebuyers....

Why work with a New Homes Division agent?
Sure, you can find a new home on your own. But it is always in a buyer’s best interest to work with an agent who is a New Homes Specialist, Markus said. “Buying from a builder is very different from buying a resale home. New Homes Specialists are familiar with the uniqueness of new-construction homes, specialized new home purchase agreements, and the particular nuances of the process of purchasing a new home to ensure and protect buyers’ interests and their rights. Builders’ sales teams often imply that the final price is fixed, but savvy New-Homes Specialists are familiar with how to negotiate incentives for upgrades in materials or landscaping, plus potential credits on closing costs.”

New Homes Division agents also can educate buyers on the many advantages that come with the purchase of a new home vs. a resale. Buyers will benefit by asking a New Homes Specialist about the various nuances that come with purchasing a new home. It is important that buyers’ rights are clearly outlined in the purchase contracts builders utilize.

Buyers should discuss with their agent how to secure potential inclusion and other incentives from the builder, and have a good understanding of the builder’s warranties. Although homebuying is never without some challenges, a New Homes Division agent can help buyers make the process less stressful, easier, and work toward ensuring their highest goals are met.

Work with a New Homes Specialist on your next purchase
To qualify as a Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices New Homes Division agent, agents must have already completed a number of specific requirements prior to becoming designated.

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Photos by Josh Spooner/ Courtesy of Markus Canter, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties