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MID-CENTURY ARCHITECTURE | William Krisel, Architect, and His Palm Springs homes have become Iconic Southern California Architecture.
December 19, 2010 in Latest News

WILLIAM KRISEL, ARCHITECT | We meet today one of our favorite mid-century architects, William Krisel, whose Palm Springs homes have become Iconic Southern California architecture. Krisel is know for his "Butterfly" roof-line, post and beam, modernist desert homes. Most importantly, his homes which were designed in the spirit of bringing affordable housing to the middle class, helped to popularized the style. Also in the photo is Michael Stern, Author of "Julius Shulman: Palm Springs" whose book has many of the best examples of Mid-Century Architecture and the great architects that designed them.

Los Angeles has some of the world's greatest Mid-Century Architecture. Just a few of our Southern California great architects include, Richard Neutra, John Lautner, Rudolf Schindler, Cliff May, Pierre Koenig, and Craig Ellwood. Their work and designs emphasized structures with open floor-plans and large floor to ceiling windows that would connect interiors spaces with the outdoors. At that time, post and beam architecture was the cutting-edge. It reduced the need for walls and allowed for designs that "walls of glass" have today become synonymous with the California Modern Style .