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Kayo Yoshida
Sales Associate

KAYO YOSHIDA is the newest member of the St. James + Canter team. Originally from Japan,
she prides herself in the art of collaboration and “omotenashi”—the Japanese concept of hospitality.

A veteran of the music industry, Kayo’s career in marketing and A&R brought her to Los Angeles in 2001. She represented Japan’s best-selling rock band as an internationally-based manager and worked alongside many renowned artists including Grammy Award winners. She coordinated events that ranged from recordings to photo and video shoots to 3-month long stadium tours, and regularly negotiated terms. She is adept at problem-solving and the nuances of interpersonal relations. As property manager for the company, she oversaw the recent sale of its Beverly Hills luxury residence and recording studio.

Kayo enjoys bringing people together from different cultures and walks of life. She views real estate as a type of music collaboration. Much like combining the best of musical styles, her goal is to understand people’s needs to help them shine. When everything falls perfectly into place, the blending of efforts produces beautiful results.

Approachable, open-minded, and determined, Kayo is lauded for her thoughtfulness and attention to detail, going above and beyond expectations, whole-heartedly looking after others, and exemplifying professionalism at its highest. Always thinking ahead and keeping happiness a top priority, clients are in good hands with Kayo for their lifestyle needs.